Reiki Helps
Reiki and Your Health

People who have had Reiki treatments before surgery experienced less pain and less loss of blood with fewer complications.  They also found that the healing process was quicker when they continued Reiki sessions after their procedures.  Reiki can help to support and strengthen the body. Today you can find Reiki in most hospitals.
Reiki and Chemotherapy / Radiation Therapy
Reiki helps those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy have less discomfort while having a calming effect as it gently helps to release toxins accumulated from the treatments and assists in dealing with the fatigue, nausea and vomiting. 
Reiki and Dental Procedures
Reiki is very effective for dealing with "dental phobia" by calming and relaxing an individual prior to a procedure.  As with other medical procedures, Reiki treatments before and after helps to decrease the discomfort and promote healing with less complications. 
Reiki and Arthritis
Arthritis is a chronic illness that can be very painful and often crippling.  Many clients report that with Reiki treatments they are better able to maintain an adequate quality of life with less pain.
Reiki and Allergies
Reiki is beneficial in helping to relieve many of the symptoms associated with allergies such as nasal stuffiness, headaches, and fatigue.
Reiki During Pregnancy and Labor and Delivery
The relaxing, calming effects of Reiki treatments assists duriing pregnancy and delivery.  Often clients find that delivery is a much easier process and that they and their babies have less complications.
Multiple Sclerosis and Reiki Treatments
Symptoms of MS, such as headaches, fatigue, mental confusion, anxiety and muscle aches, are often lessened by regular Reiki treatments.
Reiki and Hyperactive Children
Reiki has a very calming effect and through regular treatments  hyperactive children can benefit from Reiki.  Over time the children develop a calmness within that assist them in staying focused.  Reiki works well with medical treatments.
Reiki For First Aid
Reiki supports the body during acute medical crisis by assisting with pain management and anxiety while calming the patient and the situation and decreasing blood loss. 
Giving Reiki Treatments to Pets
Pets are sensitive to energy and respond well to Reiki sessions.   Each animal will let the practitioner know when they have want Reiki and when they have had enough.  There are many success stories and books written on this subject.

Reiki is beneficial for all illnesses as it helps to open an individual's energy blockages allowing the body to heal itself.