The Reiki Creed


Mind, Body & Spirit

Reiki is the secret of inviting happiness through many blessings; the spiritual medicine for all illnesses. 
Dr. Mikao Usui founded the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai method of Reiki healing system in the mid-1800s with the basic concept of simple ethical principles, the "Gokai", to promote peace and harmony.
The Usui System of Natural Healing is also known as Usui Shiki Ryoho. 

The translation is "the understanding of healing both trancendental and physical."  Dr. Usui intended that Reiki would not be just a healing modality but a way of life to improve your mind and your body. Practitioners worldwide are urged to embrace these principles in their lives, reciting them daily and meditating upon them.  By adapting these principles his followers would create a level of healing in themselves and others beyond that which one could conceive possible. Dr. Usui shared some simple truths; the percepts:

The Principles of Reiki (Gokai)
by Dr. Mikao Usui
Japanese                   English
kyo dake wa                just for today
okolu na                      don't get angry
shinpai suna                 don't worry
kansha shite                 be grateful
goo hage me                work hard
hito ni shinsetsuni         be kind to others
These Principals make a more positive statement when rephrased:

Just for today....
I will give thanks for my many blessings
I will be happy and look at the positive
I will be worry-free and deal with anger appropriately I will do my work honestly
I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

All Reiki practitioners are expected to recite these Principals daily and apply them to their lives daily.  This is what is known as
living Reiki.

Here are some affirmations that I challenge each of you to recite each day as you recite the Reiki Prinicpals.
I will suspend all judgment and will, instead, bless every person and situation I encounter, both those I physically meet and those that simply come to mind.

I will actively search for the blessing in every circumstance and in those times when none can be found

I will trust that the blessing will be revealed when the time is right.

I will daily express an attitude of gratitude, for all the blessings in my life, even those I cannot see.

Whenever I feel stressed, pressed or confused, I will take a Blessing Breather, quieting my mind for a moment and focusing only on my breath, breathing deeply and slowly. With each inhalation, I will mentally affirm "I am so blessed" and with each exhalation, I will mentally affirm "I am a blessing to the world," repeating the process at least three times and allowing my body to relax completely before returning to the task at hand.

Poor health is an indication that energy (ki) is not flowing as well as it could be.